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Dear Customer!

On the webpage and its subpages the OTP Bank provides the possibility of bankcard payment by secure card acceptance system using the SSL protocol. When you choose bankcard payment , you will be redirected to the payment page of OTP Bank , so the payment is made directly on the page operated by the Bank under the regulations and safety rules of the international bankcard companies. The online food ordering does not store your payment data: name, card number, expiry date or secure code.

On bankcard payments you will need the following information :

Card number ( the card number is embossed or printed on the front , 13 to 19 -digit number . )
Expiry date ( on the front of the card printed or embossed in mm / yy format numbers . )
Validation Code ( on the card rear side of the card, the last 3 digits of the numbers in the signature box ( CVV2 or CVC2 ) . If your card is not provided with this code , on the the payment site, please leave the relevant box blank ! For e.g. SZÉP-cards.

On our website you can pay with the following card types :

MasterCard ( embossed)
Visa ( embossed)
American Express ( embossed)
Electron ( not embossed ) for these cards the issuing bank determines that allows you to use the card online . If your Electron card issuing bank authorize the usage of the card online , you can certainly pay card on our website . For accurate information, please contact the card issuing bank ! OTP Bank cards will be certainly accepted.
OTP Bank card payment page will accept Maestro cards for online payment, issued by any bank . The issuing bank must support an e-commerce transactions usability of the Maestro card. Please consult with your bank !

To enhance the security of online card acceptance , OTP Bank has introduced Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code ( VbV / MSC) service. The card issuing bank shall provide an additional mean of identification , which will be verified during the transaction and shall clearly identify the person using the card.

If your card issuing bank does not support VBV / MSC service , or you have not requested , the payment process is not changed. The web site will redirect you to the OTP , where you will give your card details ( card number, expiry date and a validation code ) , and the value of the purchased goods / services will be  paid.

If your bank has VBV / MSC service , and you use this , the payment transaction process changes. Card information (card number, expiry date and a validation code ) have to be entered on OTP Bank payment interface. Subsequently, however, the Bank will automatically direct you to the page of the card issuing bank, which must implement the authentication process . After successful authentication of the payment transaction will continue, you will be notified about the transaction result , and will be redirected to the online food ordering page. If identification can not be made, the transaction will not succeed .

Further information: • +36 1 366 6666 • +36 40 366 666